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Sunday, April 6, 2008


1 Nisan 5768

Psychologist Dr. Lisa Aiken wrote words of praise on my book cover. On March 7 2008, her GLOWING BOOK REVIEW appeared in the internationally distributed
Jewish Press (Brooklyn, NY). Read Dr. Aiken's copyright-protected* thoughts right here:

"It's My Crisis! And I'll Cry if I Need To" (Booklocker, 2007) is a remarkable book authored by Yocheved Golani. Ms. Golani offers readers a positive, refreshing approach for helping our loved ones or ourselves to overcome medical challenges. Using her remarkable, personal experiences of coping with a life-threatening brain tumor, she gives readers helpful strategies and a panoply of resources for fighting medical illness. She underscores the importance of maintaining a positive mood in order to regain one's health, something that journalist Norman Cousins brought to the American eye in his bestseller, Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient. She gives readers a toolbox for transforming an onslaught of negative emotions into positive ones, and for keeping negative people at bay. Without being Pollyannish, she offers a combination of practical, emotional and spiritual advice to those whose prognosis may be grim, and whose day-to-day lives may seem overwhelming. For example, she gives the reader license to cry, rather than fulfilling the societal expectation of "Be strong!" Yet, she also counsels that we use tears to do more than simply wallow in self-pity. We can use them to open the Gates of Prayer, as a means of communicating with the Almighty, and to strengthen our bond with the One who brought the illness in the first place. Through honestly confronting the question of "Why me?", we can also benefit from the spiritual purpose that illness can serve. We can then ask the Master of the World to help us transform ourselves into the spiritually-developed people that we were meant to be through experiencing these challenges. As Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitz is quoted in her book, "It matters how we handle the road, how hard we work to reach our goals. The struggle is what makes us worthwhile."

Ms. Golani's insightful and uplifting book guides us to confront illness in a multi-modal fashion. She advocates using all resources at our disposal—humor, creating a positive emotional environment, self-nurturing, friends, outside resources, medical and alternative practitioners—to fight illness. She gives excellent advice as to how we can build and preserve good morale, get help when we need it, stay organized with appointments, medication protocols, bills, and the like, prepare for hospitalization, and focus on our blessings and getting better.

A significant portion of this 113-page book gives Resources. This includes contact information about organizations and treatment centers that deal with specific medical problems. It also includes abundant resources that most people wouldn't know how to find, including compassionate clowns, how to find an observant mental health professional, services for blind people, information about neurological disorders, where to get free medical care and medications, and where to enroll in clinical trials.

In short, "It's My Crisis!" does a masterful job offering the reader practical recommendations, emotionally-uplifting advice, medical resources, and spiritual guidance to face, and hopefully overcome, medical illness. In the process, she inspires us to transform ourselves into better spiritual and emotional beings.

*Dr. Aiken invites you to contact her at lisaaaiken at for reprint permission.


Dr. Aiken received her B.A. summa cum laude with special honors in psychology from Towson State College. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Loyola University of Chicago. She was the Chief Psychologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City from l982-89. During that time, she was a clinical assistant professor at New York Medical College and St. John's University, and a clinical associate professor at Long Island University. She had a private psychotherapy practice in New York City with individuals and couples from l982-2002.

Dr. Aiken is listed in thirteen Who's Who books, including Foremost Women of the Twentieth Century, Who's Who in the East , and Who's Who in Business and Professional Women . She has been interviewed on television and radio. She is a speaker with an international reputation, and has lectured for diverse groups and books fairs in 150 cities worldwide. She is on the speaker's bureau of a number of national and international organizations such as United Jewish Communities, Hadassah, Amit Women, Emunah Women, and Chabad-Lubavitch.

Dr. Aiken has authored several books.


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Anonymous said...

Yocheved my friend

I want to wish you a blessed, kosher and wonderful chag. May The Creator of All Things keep you inspired to find personal freedom in every way in your life. You have made a deep lasting impression on my life, even if we only spent a few hours talking. Hugs and friendhsip,

Chag Sameyach!!!

Jill Grundman

Yocheved Golani said...

Jill, I appreciate hearing from people whose lives improved because of my efforts. I wrote my book to help people. And I'm delighted to speak with anyone interested in my coping strategies.

Thank you for the happy Passover wishes. May you be blessed with everything you need for the good!