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Friday, May 24, 2013

Celebrating Spiritual and Natural Beauty - Haveil Havalim #407


15 Sivan, 5773

My country is smaller than Delaware or New Jersey, but it tends to dominate headlines. Living in the Holy Land sometimes feels astonishing. Some days I eat breakfast wondering what's next on life's actual history channel.

I made some minor history by becoming today's hostess of another Haveil Havalim blogpost roundup. I hostessed the most recent one, too.

Today's HH fun honors the middle of the Jewish month. Judaism's holidays are predicated on determining times and season with signals from the sky, particularly the moon. Though women worldwide have felt - and been - rather downtrodden, the insight-rich book The Moon's Lost Light explains that this situation will reverse with the advent of Mashiakh (hurry up, fella!). You can buy a copy from Targum Publishing.

Did you know my first break as a writer was with Targum? My content appeared in the first several Horizons magazines.

OK, back to facts on the ground. Anthony Reich looks at the Importance of Israel's Preemptive Strikes.

History books reveal that, as Tom Lehrer once sang, "Everybody hates the Jews" in his National Brother hood Week song.

Wasupp with that app? We were the first people to ban infanticide, suicide, murder, kidnapping, theft, adultery, a lack of social justice systems, and idol worship (Jews are into MORALS, folks). Read the World Perfect series (click on the bottom icons to see all 12 parts of the series)

Esser Agoroth (nom de plume) focuses his thoughts on a daily act of sincere decency for many Jewish males aka a glorification of Jewish principles/GOD's Name at Avner Netanyahu's Qiddush HaShem

What's a Jewish gathering (cyber events included) for if not deep consideration of spiritual concepts and goals? Daniel at the Heart of Adam shares Two Types of Reasoning Regarding the Menorah and Mizbeach(Psst! to answer your readerly question, YES, Jews who study relevant texts with competent guidance actually do understand and care about that kind of stuff. And more!)

Batya Medad is a real life friend and gosh she thinks a lot.  Check out There's NOTHING Like Machaneh Yehuda Market (I so agree).

Whee, it's the New Shilo Bike Path!

Batya memorializes a man I also miss with In Loving Memory of Manny Winston. Here she is noting the Problems with legally built Jewish homes versus illegal arab contruction in Judea

Added treats per 17 Sivan:

Sondra celebrates Her Spot at the Kotel (I - Yocheved - used to lead groups of women there)

Clarifying a mystery  for fans of the Shirat Devorah blog  (Now if Mashiakh would just show up we'd end another mystery - as in WHEN are you getting here already???)

In other news...

I so enjoy horseback riding that I recently shared an evening ride in the Judean Hills with some friends. We looked at historic areas, smelled the rich aromas of ripening grapevines and blooming flowers, and spent quality spiritual time together.

I protect my legs from harsh horsehair by wearing cotton scrubs when I ride in summer heat. Why is the horse's head down for the photo-shoot? That's a sign of its relaxed mood. She didn't even freak when my hip sack rang from the cellphone inside it.

Those hills in the background have historical meaning. Manoah, father of Samson (yes, the man who destroyed Philistines gloating at his mauled body and betrayed existence), is buried nearby. In Israel you just about trip over history wherever you go. I actually live near the spot where David killed Goliath.

Here I am with a fellow rider. 

The horse I rode is enjoying another snack.

Other friends pondered life at that pond, 
while sunset progressed.

One of the men on our ride prepared mint tea for me and coffee for the others.

We savored the flavors and quality time spent together. Being in the moment is so valuable.

I kept up with the group though I have a vision disability. My heart and soul don't sit back to watch life pass us by.
We're in it!

By the way, your seat won't hurt if you sit exactly in the middle of the saddle.

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Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks for hosting and for including my post!

Haveil Havalim's New Format, and New Edition #407!

Batya said...

Thanks Yocheved, I appreciate all of your hard work to produce this wonderful Havel Havelim and including my posts.

rbarenblat said...

Kol hakavod!

Who's moderating HH these days, and how does one submit posts for inclusion now that BlogCarnival is down?

Yocheved Golani said...

rbarenblat you can check out the HH Blog Carnival on its Facebook page. All the rules and regs are listed there. Esser Agorot is the next host.

Mrs. S. said...

Thanks for including my post!
B'smachot etzel kulanu!

Yocheved Golani said...

It was a pleasure, Mrs. S. Enjoy the results!