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You need to know how to meet your medical and/or mental health needs NOW. You're struggling to survive moment by moment. And you need your dignity.

You're rushing to appointments (the ones you remembered) and/or wondering which treatment to use. Meanwhile, your costs are rising, your needs are changing and you hardly know how to make sense of what to do first, second and later. What about the emotions boiling inside you? How can you calm down with all that's going on?

A former medical coder and medical writer, I've been in your position. I survived a life-threatening emergency with information only a person with my professional experience would know: How to find medical innovators, medical experts and charitable organizations willing to pay part or all of an applicant's specific medical costs, who has software to simplify medical appointment scheduling, a sensible list of items to pack for hospital stays, and more.

I knew that I'd pulled through because of my ability to connect with resources I needed. I knew that most patients lack that knowledge. I decided to provide it, to minimize your suffering.

I believe in empowering terrified, confused and unhappy people with dire diagnoses. I believe that patients should not suffer insults to their dignity in medical settings. I provide information that can help you to manage your problems better, maybe to end them, in the book.

Calm down. Organize your life better. You just might get your grin back.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Watch Me Speak in the USA - Online!


23 Shvat 5769

Sorry for the delay. I'm not a technical whiz. That video I promised you, the one of me speaking in January to an American audience about how to cope with medical crises, appears below.

The geniuses who enabled you to see this video on my blog are, in alphabetical order:
Esther Albert, my technical aide extraordinaire

Baruch Bitman, the hardworking "Simcha" videographer who capably compensated for sound though I'd stepped away from the microphone.

Stacey Goldenberg and Keren Traub, heads of
The Gevurat Yarden/Gevurat Rina Jewish Caring Network that helps people in life-threatening medical situations

Here's my live January 2009 presentation to the Gevurat Yarden/Jewish Caring Network audience in Baltimore, Maryland (I hope you'll be able to figure out that I'm rather slim. Due to a severe US-wide cold snap that had just ruined the building's heating system, I bundled up in a sweatshirt right before the camera began to roll so my teeth wouldn't chatter as I spoke. Audience members wore their coats throughout my presentation!):

I took more personalized comments from the audience after the event, to give people the privacy and dignity they deserve. The rapport was electrifying, and everyone smiled though we were discussing issues of life and death.

I hope that my speech inspires you to cope better with your medical challenge and/or crisis. Contact me at if you need some Self-Help Coaching. I can help you to recognize the skills that you already possess for coping with medical adversity, and I can help you to develop new ones.

Meanwhile, you can buy my book online. Just
click here.

Remember one of my key points in the video and the book: Let GOD in on your struggles. Keep the lines of communication open so that you don't shut the door in His face and end the possibilites for recovery, coping mechanisms and hope. Your inner struggles are building the value of your character, your very soul. Let yourself learn what a hero/heroine you can become. And yes I meant it when I said that each of us wrestles with our own hearts to achieve that goal.

We have experiences, heartaches, strengths, weaknesses, and thoughts unique to us. Keep developing your emotional, physical and spiritual self as best you can. Suffered setbacks on all counts? Focus on rebuilding inner strengths. Make it a hobby.

Pollyanna had a good point: the Glad Game takes practice. She didn't want the crutches she'd received as her charity present. She'd hoped for a doll. Then she adjusted her perspective. She was glad she didn't need crutches. Me? I'd have crayoned some eyes, lips and cheeks on one crutch and popped a pretty bit of fabric around the wood. Then I'd have called it my "Yoji Walks Again" doll. I'd have used the second crutch to play stoop ball. And WIN!

Make your own jokes at life. Keep feeding and firing up your
Inner Giggle.

YOU can adopt the attitude of
"At least I'm not falling apart over my medical crisis.
I have coping mechanisms and I'm using them!"

To your improving physical, emotional and mental-spiritual health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life


Menachem said...

A truly amazing and uplifting story - the book, is a must have manual, not only if you're going through a crisis - but gives strength to everyone, seeing how 1 woman, is so brave and so clear about where her Blessings come from - Hashem.
Buy the book, read it, and buy it for a friend, you'll be glad you did.
Blessings, Menachem Herman

Yocheved Golani said...

Blesssings backatcha! And thank you for the compliments. YG