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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is that Vitamin Pill Working for You? Maybe Not.


16 Shvat 5769

Want to save money on the mulitvitamins you keep taking? Stop buying them. Or at least stop buying some of them.

My book and blog advocate dining on whole organic foods. They're the best source for your nutrition. The world of science seems to back up that idea. Click on:

Save money. Invest it in whole foods unpolluted by pesticides, preservatives or "enhancers." The best food comes more cheaply directly from the ground. Your health can improve with pure food. Apparently it cannot improve much with synthetic pills.

Be sure to notice that last paragraph in the article cited above: "Eric Jacobs, an American Cancer Society epidemiologist, said while his group doesn't advise vitamins to prevent cancer, it does recommend maintaining a healthy weight and eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables daily while limiting red meat. Similar habits are also thought to help reduce heart disease risks."

Be sure to find certification of organically grown standards on your foods, or at the manager's desk of the organic foods store, where you shop.

Learn how to ease yourself into better health and eating habits. Click on

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