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Friday, February 27, 2009

US Vaccine Injury Court AGAIN Rules that Vaccines Caused Autism!


3 Adar 5769

Parents of babies and toddlers, listen up:

The US Vaccine Injury Court recently ruled for THE SECOND TIME that vaccines caused Autism! Yes, this is baffling, a contradiction of other court decisions. Read an account of what happened by clicking
Compensation Given to family of Bailey Banks for Vaccine-induced Autism.

The first compensated case was that of Hannah Poling.

A dramatic ad addressing the vaccine-autism issue appears in USATODAY.

Generation Rescue Ad to see it.

To learn about innovative Generation Rescue's efforts to repair an alarming situation, click

The lingering question of
"What are safe,
alternative methods
of preventing
Measles, Mumps and Rubella
(the MMR in the vaccine named
to prevent these deadly problems)
versus vaccinations that
apparently cause
life-altering problems?"
is frightening.

Parents and pediatricians
concerned about the
possible connection
need answers to the question.

So far, the answer is "There aren't any known safe alternatives."

The need for research on making vaccines safer rather than failing to address the "autism from vaccinations" issue persists. Some medical professionals advocate separating the MMR into three separate vaccines, with each virus given separately.

I'll be delighted to share the solution with you once I learn of it.

Meanwhile, if you have an autistic family member or acquaintance, buy my book to learn of resources for helping them to manage life as best they can.

To your best possible health,

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