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Thursday, February 19, 2009

US Backs Call for Global Treaty on Mercury Use!


25 Shvat 5769

I posted about suspected causes of autism not so long ago. You may have noticed the topic going in and out of the news headlines in recent weeks. But this breaking story - it happened late Monday US time - does not seem to have raised all that much attention. It should:

I hope you'll click on the link above, read the article and realize that scientists are acting on their suspicions about a mercury - autism connection, not just the reference to mercury's other effects "... liver damage, memory loss or disturbances to vision.".

My book's "Resource" section lists contact information for individuals who offer rehabilitation services for autistic people plus information about how to find therapists for various problems.

Until we have a cure AND a preventative for autism via routine childhood innoculations, that's all that my present manuscript can offer. Perhaps by the time a second edition comes out, I'll be able to list the means for ridding someone of this perplexing and complicated problem, and how to avoid it altogether.

Until then, read my book.
Learn whom to contact
and how to reduce your stress levels
if someone you know needs help
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I join your prayers for the cure. May it come in the foreseeable future.

BTW, I'll be offline for several days so can tend to a specific project.

To your good health,

Yocheved Golani
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Star Lawrence said...

Maybe your coping ideas could work for economic stress, too.

Yocheved said...

How interesting that you picked up on that, Star. A British life coach recently sent his comments to me: "Yocheved Golani's guide issues a powerful 'can-do' message to those most in need of it. She shows the reader that one 'can;' that even one facing the most grievous of challenges has options and possibilities. A person facing a serious medical threat needs to believe that he or she can, that positivity and determination make a difference. But Golani also sets out a compelling argument for the 'do'. Take action, help yourself, get help from others, strategise, maximise whatever you've got. Do whatever needs to be done to get well and overcome your illness, even when you don't feel like it. It could save your life. It could save the life of your loved one. It is this combination of the can-positive attitude and the do-positive action that makes this guide so useful and complete. Its lessons extend far beyond the medical sphere to life challenges whatever they may be. They are lessons we can't afford to ignore. Good on you, Yocheved! – Life Coach Yossi Ives, England, Israel"