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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let Younger Kids Enjoy Sensible Internet Time


30 Shvat 5769

Today and tomorrow are fun days on the Jewish calendar: The beginning of Adar, the month of the joyous Purim holiday! Now, WHAT does that have to do with Sensible Internet Time and Internet Safety? Read on!

Parents and other guardians need to handle the concern about child-safe Internet access for the children in their care. One good strategy is to keep the
computer in an area where parents can always monitor what children are doing on the PC (family room, kitchen, etc.). Keeping a computer in the child's room or anywhere far from parental eyes is NOT a healthful thing to do!

Here's a fun project the kids can enjoy: setting up their own website: See and find kewl research tools (among other kid-safe stuff) at the US government's interagency kids' portal.

A handy homework helper, that above link connects to many kinds of informative sites. Now kids, let the adults have a chance to view the information, too. Then all of you can discuss what you've learned about the arts (music, literature, sculpture, painting, dance and more), computers, geography, government, health, plants and animals (Animal Planet is not the only fun resource on the topic), safety, space and transportation.

And oh, yes, here's what this post has to do with Purim: click on the following link to check out the fun-filled pages at what I call

Happy, Healthy Internet Time!

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