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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why Medical and Mental Health Experts Recommended...


7 Shvat 5769

How can you get more energy and health in your life? Read on.

I've blogged many times in the past
about various difficulties that
It's MY Crisis! and I'll Cry if I Need To
can prevent.

Medical and Mental health experts and clergy of different faiths readily wrote, WITH GOOD REASON, their pre-publication praises for the book on its covers (they appear again in the margin of this blog).

The reason that those experts and that
readers worldwide like my book
is because it's filled with
practical advice for
coping with medical challenges and crises.

The stuff you need to know
but somehow didn't prepare for in advance.

Some of the advice in my book concerns how to develop excellent comunication skills with your medical team. For example, I suggest learning to pronounce the medical staff's names correctly AND I suggest methods for utilizing the help of caregivers (friends, family, hired help) to communicate effectively with medical staff.

How necessary is my advice today, in a book that was published Labor Day Weekend 2007?

Find out as you study this recent New York Times headline:

Yes, you read it correctly! Untold numbers of patients, desperate for quality medical care, can't even call or request one or more of their doctors because the doctors' names are unsolved mysteries!

The problem is NOT limited to hospitalized patients, either. This can happen to outpatients. Outpatients are people who receive care in a hospital on an hourly or one day here - one day there basis, though they live at home.

Here's another NEWS ALERT: I teach my readers how to prevent and how to solve that "Whatzisname?" problem in my book!

If you're about to be hospitalized...
If you receive care from different doctors while living at home...
Or care about someone in those situations...

Do your self a BIG favor.

If you love someone about to be hospitalized...
Or someone who receives care as an outpatient...

Do them the same favor - it can benefit each of you:

Read my book. Learn
how to prevent the
"Uh, what's that doctor's name, again?"

Empower yourself to get the medical care you need.

I understand what it's like to finesse a medical challenge from the patient's perspective. I've been a frightened, overwhelmed, insufficiently informed patient myself.

I blended my familiarity with the medical world (as a former medical writer and as a former health information management professional) with that perspective and wrote my book.

So I could help YOU.

Judging from the headlines (and that NYT sample above isn't the first one cited at my blog!), and from my book's sales, I did a great job with my manuscript.

Click on

Find out why the other half of the longish title is so appropriate:

A Life Book that Helps You to
Dry Your Tears
and to Cope with a Medical Challenge.

To Your Empowerment as a Patient,

Yocheved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
Make the Changes You Need in Your Life

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