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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

User-friendly Follow-up to Placental Problem Solutions!


17 Kislev, 5773

Israel-based Dr Singer-Jordan remarks that "... the salient point in this country and our hospital is that the actual portal of access to the system is through OB/GYN - I don’t admit patients, [I] just do plumbing…"

He alerted that I'd erred a bit with yesterday's post:

"This is known as Interventional Radiology, so the term non- invasive is not quite accurate.

"All those 3 videos are showing the same thing, the injection AFTER embolization when we see the normal blood vessels and no bleeding - they are just at different frame rates. [Note from Yocheved: I'd meant to note that yesterday. I've had several technical difficulties with blogspot, though. I'm keeping the videos up to suit various online needs for speed].

"Although Vancouver is a beautiful city I am actually from England via Edmonton (11 years) and Toronto (11 years) and now Ma'alot (19 years)."

A blurb about the problems that Dr Singer-Jordan addresses in the video(s):

"Placenta Accreta is a condition in which the placenta penetrates abnormally into or beyond the wall of the uterus and can cause catastrophic bleeding when it detaches. It can usually be diagnosed by ultrasound; women with previous Caesarian section are a high risk group.

"To avoid massive bleeding we place tiny balloons in the arteries that supply the uterus immediately before Caesarian section. By inflating the balloons we drastically reduce the bleeding and most times the uterus can be repaired.

"Persistent bleeding or postpartum bleeding from other causes can be treated by embolization - using a small tube inserted through the artery in the groin to inject material directly into the bleeding blood vessels and close them from the inside."

The good doctor (he seems magical!) works with Prof Ofir, the head of the hospital's High Risk Pregnancy unit. 

Stand by for updates! She seems agreeable to sending me something that addresses the interaction of the clinicians involved in saving maternal and fetal lives.

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