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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sweet Regards to Shirley


11 Adar 1, 5774*

Shirley Temple Black was one of the role models in my life. Her forthright courage in speaking of her bout with breast cancer, and in beseeching the public to mind their preventative health needs, improved public life.

I am sorry to pay her merely posthumous tribute. I've resolved to salute other healthcare role models, heroes and heroines, while they're alive to enjoy the accolades.

I'm sure that sweet regards surround Shirley in heaven.

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(*Psst - the Jewish month of Adar comes twice this year, keeping the lunar and solar calendars aligned so that agriculture and holidays can proceed sensibly. Yes, we really call this The FIRST month of Adar. In a month's time we'll have Adar II).


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