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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Happiness Promotes Health!


6 Adar, 5775

My vacation time is charging up my batteries: I've helped a young man to receive some seriously needed home services and necessary information about his orphan disease (it's included in the book's Global Resources section). I helped a woman with Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis and a few other medical issues, plus I  helped other peope who simply happened to interact with me for other reasons.

I'm raring to go forward with fun! I've enjoyed some theater, a concert, get-togethers with friends and other good times.

Last night I enjoyed a community-wide Mission from GOD Mexican Burritos Dinner at a local soup kitchen. Our pre-paid meals supported the local soup kitchen that feeds people so poor that they lack proper clothing and medical care, job skills, food, etc. It made a terrific prelude to PURIM.

It was fun. I've attached 2 photos to show me and my dinner. The heaping helpings were home made and delicious. I'd never had cashew salsa before and it was OUTSTANDING!

The crowd held local professors, chemists, writers, other professionals and non-professionals, plus children of all ages squashed up together, with everybody having a good time as we bounced along to salsa music, Jewish music and some hand-clapping.
Here's a look at my dinner (first time I've shared a food photo online).

Purim is about to happen. Here's A Purim Primer of Facts You Need to Know!

Check out Purim A-Z, too!

Fun promotes inner and outer health. When your mind and heart are happy, your body can heal. And your emotions can, too.

Healing is multi-faceted. When a troubling medical or other issue no longer dominates your life, when you choose to indulge in fun despite enduring difficulty or pain, you are healing in many ways. "Cured" is something altogether different.

As I say  in my pubic appearances, "Coping with a medical or mental health challenge beats the alternative!"

Celebrate life. Find fun things to think about, say and do. I dare you!

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Fill your life with fun. It makes hardships easier to bear.

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