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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Breaking News: New Early Detection Test for Ovarian Cancer!


29/30 Cheshvan, 5776

As I mourned the death of Gilda Radner earlier today, I thought to search for new methods of detecting ovarian cancer earlier than previous methods could. 

I'm pleased to let you know that this news item about a Three-Way Catheter which identifies ovarian cancer in its early stages was released about three hours ago:

New method enables the early detection of ovarian cancer

November 10, 2015
Medical University of Vienna
Around 75 per cent of ovarian tumors arise from the fallopian tube. There are currently no options for detecting this condition early or preventing it. With the help of an innovative, "three-way" catheter, a new study suggests that this situation may be different in the future.

Trans-vaginal UltraSound (TVUS), which is poorly publicized, is another method of identifying ovarian cancer early.  ,

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