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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Update: Will I Get an Online Byline?


9 Adar 1, 5776

I've spent time enjoying time with friends and traveling a bit. And I've been contacted about pending employment once again, a possible slot as an online journalist aka radio show hostess. It was the result of having a journalism background accented with a health information management background.

The job interview was amusing. 

The station engineer called me to do an online job interview and in the middle of business-related remarks, caught me off-guard with a medically-related question. I gave him appropriate information within seconds and asked "What is all that clicking noise in the background?" 

He responded "You're wearing great headphones. I recorded your response as if you'd be on the air. You have poise, quick access to information and a soothing voice. Stand by. We're deciding if we'll give you your own medically related show, or have you report the news."

I'll keep you posted of progress. Until then, I wonder, "Will I get an online byline?"

Meanwhile, I'm preparing my remarks for the May health forum to which I've been invited as a speaker. You can learn more about my professional life at my Health Forum profile.

Here's a photo from that trip I took recently.

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