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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Wrapping Up the Week and News that Brain Injured People Need to Know


6 Cheshvan, 5778

I'm looking forward to my speaking engagement this afternoon, and relieved to have completed a month's worth of mental health articles for the E-counseling site.

The weather has been gorgeous for days, and I'm appreciating the lower, non-humid temperatures. My indoor potted garden is growing nicely, enhancing the nutrition and flavor of my meals.

I chanced upon an update about the things that medical professionals fail to inform brain injury survivors about. Listen in to this radio show. It just might help you or someone you know.

Watch for my forthcoming article about how I provide Self-Help Coaching services to appreciative clients. My focus is always on empowering people to address their own issues. My role is to provide information and to cheer them on to success.

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