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Monday, April 2, 2018

Calm Down, One Click at a Time. Here's How.


17 Nisan, 5778

After the scarefest that mainstream media foisted on the public about the "WhoKnowsWhere Tiongang 1 Space Station will land?" question, here are some calming ideas to put you at ease:

1. There were numerous reports of the small chance 
that any materials would survive the descent to earth.

2. There was ample information about the need to 
avoid potentially harmful radiation IF scraps landed near you.

3. News sources were obviously trying to raise 
reader interest in the non-story.

The return to earth was manipulated by reporters eager to increase their readership.

Manipulation = coercion, not a genuine item for public concern.

The main theme of what I write about in the mental health field is that you need not panic because someone said, asked or wanted something. You can think for yourself. Sort out your thoughts about some issue or other. Consider past examples of when you overcame challenges and how past crises proved not be problematic, but only misinterpreted.

Ask yourself "What's wrong with the picture?" when you feel startled by something. Then, choose your well-considered response to the matter.

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