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Monday, June 4, 2018

Putting Your Broken Pieces Back Together Again, to Create Beauty


21 Sivan, 5778

Some days we simply need to stop whatever we're doing, and reflect on our goals. Are we meeting them? Are they worthwhile? Are there valid reasons for changing our focus and direction?

We also need to value experiences, including failure. Failure is a time of learning, of finding out what we misunderstood, why, and how to look at things more productively.

Wounds hurt. They can also help.

Read on to understand why I'm sharing those thoughts with you. It's possible to put your broken pieces (be they a sense of self respect, a sense of security, a sense of confidence, a sense of trust, etc.) together again, and to end up with a handsome result.

Build A Better Child
We should find beauty in our brokenness 
By Boyd Matheson

We should find beauty in our brokenness
 Kintsugi is the ancient Japanese art of repairing fractured pottery by using a form of resin mixed with powdered gold.

Courageous vulnerability may be one of the most important attributes for parents and their children to develop in the modern age...

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