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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Haveil Havalim #402 - the KLP (Kosher for Passover) Edition!


13 Nisan, 5773

I'll clue you in to a Hebraicism you might not know: KLP is shorthand for a Hebrew phrase כשר לפסח  that means Kosher l'Pesakh/kosher for Passover.

Wahoo, Passover/Pesakh is only hours away (it begins Monday night). I look forward to the fun with friends.

If you need a quick FYI on the symbolism of the long, drawn out Passover seder meal, read Symbolism with Substance.

Today I'm the designated hostess of the Haveil Havalim blog carnival that pops up on monitors around the world from time to time. Check out the kewl content below!

Esser Agorot (his real identity is a cheerfully guarded secret) regales us with... A photo caption contest at Catch the Kipa.

Calling a wannabe murderer A WANNABE MURDERER!


Hebrew linguistics to put your neck hairs on edge at LABAN.

My friend and fellow journalist Batya Medad makes it easy to have fun with a thoughtful look at possible PassoverActivities

Batya also makes it easy to count the exciting days between Passover and the Shavuot (Feast of Weeks) anniversary of GOD giving Torah to Moses, the Jews and the wider world with EZ Shmeezy iSefira Counting Tools! BLESS YOU dear lady. You've probably insured that many people will fulfill the mitzva this time around ;^ D

LADIES! Pull up a cozy seat and join me in saluting Rivkah Lambert Adler for her sensible take on  Not Exactly Kisei HaKavod...

REMEMBER to re-set your watches, cellphones, PC calendars and more later this week. Why?

Please pray that Merciful HaShem bless Adelle Chaya bat Adva with refuot v'yeshuot rabot, nisim v'niflaot im shalvat hanefesh

A worsening in the condition of the baby who was wounded Thursday in a terrorist ambush near Ariel.

I'm signing off with some Hip-Hop for Hebes and its about MATZA

I hope you'll have a happier holiday for the silly fun here. As we say in Hebrew, חג שמח וכשר  chag samayakh v'kasher (have a happy, kosher Passover. In all respects ;^ )

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Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks for hosting, and for including my posts!

Haveil Havalim #402 Is Up!

Batya said...

Wonderful Havel Havelim News,Yocheved thanks for hosting and including my posts.

Yocheved Golani said...

I consider hostessing the HH blog carnival to be a fun privilege. I wish you a meaningful, fulfilling chag. Thank you for the great content.