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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Solutions for People Who Need Financial Help to Pay for Medical Care


16 Av, 5774

Do  you or someone you know have a brain tumor? Is paying for necessary care a problem? This blogpost might have a solution or two!

Hurry up to benefit from the first item in today's update:

Here's the second item you might need to know about:

Anyone with Glioblastoma can apply to participate in a clinical trial by clicking here.

The Musella Foundation is only one of MANY organizations listed in the Global Resources section of

Read that whole part of the book to learn of organizations - worldwide - willing to pay part or all of your specific medical/mental heath care costs. 

Lower the price on your medical appliances, medical transportation, medication and more by asking for assistance from the groups listed in the book.

Read the rest of the book to learn how to 

  • Put your medical appointment life in order, 
  • Calm down from fear, sadness and pain, 
  • Improve your life when medical professionals or relatives are rude to you, 

and more.

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