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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I'm Coming to the Airwaves!


12 Adar 2, 5776

The book remains high on the Recommended Reading list at the Musella Foundation site. Buy a copy for yourself or someone else who needs the soothing, can-do suggestions for overcoming emotional and medical - even financial - setbacks.

Several media outlets have approached me this year, to ask that I do short updates about health. My voice will soon address your concerns at Israel NewsTalk Radio. Share your questions and concerns with me in the comments section below.

Coming up: How to Kill Your Sweet Tooth and other Cravings, Easy Exercise in or Outside the Office, Punch Up Your Protein Level, and how to go Vegan, Vegetarian or Macrobiotic in a Sensible Manner.

Tune in for that and more. Watch for the announcement of my debut on Fox-affiliated Israel NewsTalk Radio.

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