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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pray for the Peace of Israel and the World


23/24 Cheshvan, 5777

I'd had a different post prepared for today but I was unable to reach home in a timely manner to share it with you. Why? Read on.

Israel has been targeted by arsonists across the country this past week.
I was at Hadassah hospital today for my annual eye exams and smelled smoke when people walked by with affected clothing. Commuting to/from the hospital in a haze of ash, seeing first responders out to prevent new conflagrations while directing traffic away from fire trucks and fire fighters in action was a sad, sorry sight.
Homes, business buildings and a lot of nature have been destroyed, as the Intifada rages on. Pray for the well being of Israel and her Jews.
PM says arsonists who caused wildfires around country are terrorists and will be treated as such.
Yocheved Golani 60,000 people have been evacuated from their homes in Israel because of more than THREE HUNDRED arson attacks. In a week!
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Yocheved Golani Correction: 65,000 people have been evacuated, some never to return to the homes that burned down.
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Yocheved Golani
The Muqata
23 mins
[Breaking News]
8:00pm Channel 2: Over 50% of the wild fires are nationalistic terror attacks
Channel 2 quotes Israeli Police -- over 50% of the fires in Israel...
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Yocheved Golani,7340,L-4883634,00.html
In the third straight day, firecrews are working around the clock to contain and extinguish a massive brush fire that…
Yocheved Golani Trains service in some parts of the country is not happening due to the arson activity. Pray for the end of terrorism, the rain we desperately need, and genuine peace. ISRAEL. NEVER. HAD. PEACE, PARTNERS. Every peace talk was a lull in the action, a reload opportunity.
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Yocheved Golani Evacuation hotline for seniors
Thursday, November 24, 2016
A hotline has been opened for senior citizens who need to be evacuated from their homes due to any of the fires burning around the country.

The number is *8602.
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Yocheved Golani
i24NEWS English is live now.
42 mins
Israel Ablaze | The Lineup with Nurit Zunger

Fire fighting equipment from other countries has been sent to us. Please pray for the safety of me and my people. Pray for genuine peace worldwide.

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