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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Recovering from Emotional Devastation 101


26 Cheshvan 5777

Emotions are roiling across the world due to gut-wrenching, heart breaking incidents. Too many to list, and some are intensely private. They might never be recognized by the wider public.

What all of us need to know in the depths of our despair is that a future awaits. We can help to mold it in our favor somehow, even if that means to simply avoid becoming bitter. 

That takes a sense of increasing calm, patience and curiosity. It also means focusing on insight - analyzing what's going wrong and what should be happening instead.

Care to think that through?

Perhaps the thoughts I shared during a public appearance last year can  help you:

Viktor Frankl said "When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves." I'd like to add, "When you’re going through hell, don’t stop. Find the exit. Or create it."

All of us are here to heal. It might be from physical, emotional, mental or spiritual issues. As you move through the throngs of people and exhibits, you feel an energy coursing through and around you. Use it. Memorize it. Cradle it. That energy can motivate you when you're feeling drained, clueless, and hopeless.

As we move through our healing experiences, we grow in insights, compassion for ourselves and others. We learn not to assume, but to observe, to wonder, to be in awe. Respect, on many different levels, becomes one with our identities. The universe is filled with answers, and it beckons us to grow, even as we hardly realize that we are growing despite our agony. 

Accept the invitation. Fulfill your destiny as a spiritual creature. Let the wonder fill your soul. Let the wonder heal you. The adventure is a gift from GOD, though it sometimes feels like a punishment. It is not. It is a path. Humanity tends to berate itself. But HaShem's nature, so to speak, is to forgive. Take Her/His lead. Go, find yourself in the universe, with every bit of your pain, doubt and fear. Access its healing powers. GOD put them there. The goal is to grow your soul. Open your eyes, mind, your gut and your heart to healing possibilities. Find the love that awaits you. GOD put it there.

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