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Thursday, January 26, 2017

A Personal Update


28 Tevet, 5777

I've had a busy week or two since last Thursday, enough stress from demands on my time and presence to leave me feeling tired. It's as if I'm tired enough for two weeks of hard work!

But I'm happy to have something nice to show for all my efforts: Assisting with the joyous celebrations for a friends' marriage, helping children who needed my time, and life-coaching a client or two (more, actually) while managing to keep my kitchen busy and my exercise regimen.

I even met some journalistic deadlines. You can read the results here, here and here.

Certified in spiritual chaplaincy and counseling skills, I've worked with several mental health methods and practitioners. I addressed a convention of mental health therapists several years ago (talk about feeling pressured!). 

Keep looking for my input at the e-counseling site. Let me know here, or there, what you think of the ideas I present.

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