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Monday, January 9, 2017

Help Yourself at The Whole Health Forum!


12 Tevet, 5777

Last year I was among the featured speakers at The Whole Health Forum. A fact-filled, international get-together of people experienced in Alternative, Western, plus Complementary healing strategies and successes, it was a fun experience for everyone who participated in the event. 

Board-certified doctors, alternative healers and people who'd healed or improved their health somehow were part of the crowd. We educated our audiences who dined on delicous whole foods between sessions.

I'd like to you to help me to "spread the word about the Whole Health Forum" coming up this spring!

Who knows? Maybe we can meet each other there.

Questions? Ask me all about them.

UPDATE: The Whole Health Forum is a five day educational gathering for health-minded English speakers in Israel. This is a place to regain and maintain optimal health. Join us in a relaxing, informative gathering in the beautiful Judean hills just outside Jerusalem in Even Sapir from Sunday, May 21st to Friday May 26. Choose from cutting edge holistic workshops with doctors, rabbis, healers, and therapists during each of seven daily time periods. Enjoy perfectly healthy vegan kosher food and create lifetime friendships.

Enjoy early bird discounts until February 1st. Stay on site, in a nearby BnB, or commute. Volunteers and teachers come for half price.

Contact us by mail or call Sheldon at 052-706-5002. Visit for full details.

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