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Thursday, February 9, 2017

How to Increase Confidence with Humor


13 Shvat, 5777

I am about to have corrective surgery on one hand. I'll need to stay off the keyboard awhile as the wound heals.

Before I take a necessary medical break, I'd like to share an insight with you.

My vital signs have been checked, and that happened shortly after I'd literally run across a large distance to distribute necessary medical papers at different offices. The nurse was impressed that my heart rate, pulse and breathing were rather close to my relaxed state, so I demonstrated to her what happens when I meditate. She whistled while watching the numbers decrease to my usual status.

That took years of practice!

When you face a serious medical or mental health challenge, some sort of daily stress or any type of nuisance, you have a choice: Dwell on it or focus on what can go right, what is in your power to control. That leads to the ability to choose acceptance, not to worsen an already difficult situation.

Not sure about that? 

Listen to this fascinating story about confidence, faith in The One Above.

Your emotions are real. Face them with honesty. Calm yourself with pro-active thought, actions and attitudes. Even when times are tough.

Emotional maturity is your gateway to ever-better coping skills.

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Fill your efforts with positive emotions and actions.

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