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Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Kitchen Filled with Nourishing Kindness


26 Tamuz, 5777

My friend Miriam Green startles me every time she blogs about dealing with her Alzheimer's bewildered mother. The depth of character conveyed in each blogpost teaches the wider world that we must adjust our attitudes and behaviors with compassion when dealing with someone compromised by their medical and/or mental health reality.

The name of Miriam's blog is The Lost Kitchen, an apt portrayal of her mom's state of mind, the importance of nourishing someone with kindness, and the human capacity to be increasingly good.

I believe that I grow more insightful with every reading of Miriam's writings. Care to look over my shoulder at the latest update?

Understanding the subtext of strange behavior.…/19/Out-of-the-Mouth-of-Babes

I think we should amend the idiom based on Psalm 8 to read, “Out of the mouth of babes—and Alzheimer’s sufferers—comes wisdom.” With Mom perhaps it’s not…

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