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Monday, December 4, 2017

Shingles Hurt!


4 Kislev, 5778

Sorry for my lingering silence. I was affected by a prolonged case of shingles that was initially misdiagnosed (the rash did not appear for 10 days after the first visit to doctors!). 

It left me in astonishing pain, with a week-long hospitalization to rid me of the virus that can harm anyone who's never had chickenpox, and a temporarily limited ability to sit upright,to walk, or to use my hands.

If you know anyone going through a case of shingles aka herpes zoster, please accord them full sympathy, hands-on help to accomplish the simplest of tasks, and heaps of patience. 

The pain is indescribable. The first doctors to examine me had suspected that I was in the middle of a heart attack. Tests proved that this was not the case.

At times I have struggled even to speak 
loudly enough to be heard
while I recover.

I'm newly back home from a week's hospitalization, resting to recover my stamina.

Here's an informative video. 

What it doesn't indicate is that I find organic pomegranate syrup, organic vegetable soups and other wholesome foods to be effective painkillers. 

Resting is essential for recovery. I've enjoyed listening to music and reading interesting books as I heal.

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