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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Can-do Emotional Strength Lessons: The Lesson Plan


5 Kislev, 5778

I've done life-coaching work with ill people since recovering from my medical setbacks (I earned my counseling credentials before and after life-saving surgery). 

We focus on the choices that my clients can make, the resources available to them, and their need to bolster a sense of courage.

They tend to do quite well, achieving newly identified goals and increased inner strength before we complete our 6 meetings.

As I interact with people in my coaching efforts, public speaking engagements and private encounters over the years, however, I've realized that many people simply do not know how to feel courageous. 

Basic concepts about 
how to develop courage
 are missing 
from pubic awareness.

Yes, clergy of various faiths teach about emotional and spiritual strength, but the lessons are not helping all that many people. The opioid crisis around the world illustrates the reality: People find it hard or impossible to deal with emotional turmoil and physical pain.

There are can-do solutions for the average person. I've written about that before. 

Nobody has to be born impervious to unhappiness to overcome it.

I'm preparing a proposal to teach emotional fortitude in schools, business sites and other venues, in order to repair the problem as much as I can. My goal is that people will learn how to increase their emotional strength in innovative, user-friendly ways.

I welcome your thoughts about that.

What do YOU believe 
that people need to learn 
in order to be strong?

And HOW do you believe 
that courage can be taught?

You can share your ideas in the "comment" icon below this blogpost, or send them to me via

Go ahead, grab some paper, 
jot down your ideas and 
please share them with me. 


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