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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Lower Your Fear (and chances!) of Catching a Cold 1-2-3!


20 Tevet, 6778

WOW: Hospitals worldwide run out of flu treatment options here, here, and here! It's a global phenom!

Winter weather makes life inconvenient as it is, but catching a cold or flu seems to leave you feeling worse inside and out.

Read How to Prevent the Common Cold.  The information can minimize your chances of catching a flu, too. I hope that you'll follow the instructions and feel better long after.

Er, I recommend the use of cotton handkerchiefs to prevent chapped lips and noses. Paper tissues tend to be rough. They're made from wood fiber, after ll.

Need to know the differences between 
viruses and bacteria? 

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For what it's worth, the doctors who cared for me during that December shingles attack (pure misery) predicted that I would need until late February to recover vigor. I beat their timing by two months. 

I've  been back to my usual physical activities and exercise regimen since the start of January. I highly recommend that you go organic and support your health from the cellular level outward. My organic diet and intentional optimism beat medical predictions again and again.

And yes, I wash my hands often, using soap and water. That "anti-bacterial" goo doesn't seem to work much.


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