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Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to Persevere PAST PAIN, No Drugs Involved!


Adar 3, 5778

You might have read any of my several articles and op-eds about America's opioid epidemic. I am convinced that the core of the problem is a need to know coping mechanisms, and to feel comfort with them.

This news update reminded me of the necessity to be able to deal with physical and/or emotional pain without drugs:

Connecticut Medical Examiner’s Office Struggling To Keep Up With Deadly Overdoses

I'm not in some ivory tower, folks, I speak from experience. Remember when I recovered from debilitating RSD/CRPS several years ago? It was a matter of choice, focus and effort. My medical team was stunned at the speed and thoroughness of my recovery and alerted their other patients to my innovative technique (some of them bought the book to understand me and the healing processes that I use a bit better!).

Each of us has different chemistries and needs. Different pain-fighting techniques work for one person, perhaps not for another.

Seek out and use what works for you.

Do not succumb to drug dependence. Drugs are great for getting over hurdles and preventing harm. But when they become a source of harm, we need to rely on user-friendly resources instead.

Click on some of your options, below. Look for others as necessary.

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