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Thursday, February 15, 2018

America Needs Mental/Emotional Health Curricula: A Call to Action


30 Shvat/1 Adar, 5778

The first of Adar is usually a joyous time, heralding the Purim holiday soon to come. But instead of smiling, I weep and shudder with thousands if not millions of people grieving over a recent school shooting in Florida.

You've read some of my articles about mental health at the e-counseling site. Did you know that...

I have advocated for mental /emotional health skills curricula in schools and businesses for decades. There is ample proof that too many people lack them. By the time a nervous breakdown or school shooting happens, the signs of mental health missing in action have long been evident. Western society brings in the shrinks far too late to have saved lives ruined for a lack of familiarity and comfort with mental /emotional health techniques.

Folks, this is NOT an issue about gun control. 

Distraught people can use any weapons of opportunity be they vehicles such as terrorists use to run over pedestrians and concert goers, knives, explosives, fists, chemicals, etc. The problem is a messed up mind, not ammunition.

I've written about the horror before, to put it into perspective. Read No Quick Fixes.

Jewish Law - Commentary/Opinion
No Quick Fixes
Yocheved Golani
No Quick Fixes
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Mental health curricula in schools and at the workplace need support from legal authorities. Necessary follow-up to protect the public from potentially harmful people is called for. 

Nikolas Cruz's threat to society was clearly not handled that way. 

Mental health professionals and law enforcement professionals must work together to create sensible, productive protocols. Interventions that prevent loss of life and other forms of suffering, are necessary.

Do what you can to promote mental and emotional health lessons in your part of the world. Lives depend on that.

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Fill your public places with mental and emotional health lessons and attitudes.

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