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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Here's How to EmPOWer Your Healing Efforts!


6 Nisan, 5778

As Passover aka Pesakh the holiday of spiritual and physical freedom approaches, I felt especially delighted to find this liberating news item. Read How to Avoid Hiring a Bully in Your Hospital

Add it to the advice about how to deal with mean-spirited or otherwise harmful medical personnel in

Tame the in-laws, the outlaws, other rude acquaintances and anyone else behaving in a counterproductive way in your medical life, too, with the information you'll learn between the covers of the book.

Behavioral interviewing matters. So do the tips you'll find in the book. It clues you in as to how to handle Do Not Resuscitate disagreements, respect issues, privacy matters and more. 

There's no need to let medical personel or anyone abuse you in any way. Put some "POW" in your politely behaved punch as you learn what to say, to whom, and why that can help you.

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