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Thursday, May 17, 2018

A Simple Yet Obvious Question...


3 Sivan, 5778

It's been a hectic past few days as I interact with with my usual acquaintances, prepare for the Shavuot holiday and try to remain calm despite recent horrific violence against Israel and her residents. You can read about that here, here, and here. There's this to consider, too. And some of the terrorists are paid $100 a day to behave that way.

I sometimes wonder what you believe 
as you watch mass media reports 
of the Gaza wars against Israel 
and her Jews. 

Do you remember that Israel surrendered Gush Katif for the false promise of peace? 

That thousands of Jews have been murdered for wanting to remain in our homeland? The homeland from which we've been chased out by centuries of war-mongering outsiders (Romans, Greeks, Syrians Fakestinians, etc.) whose history did not begin here?

That tourists from other lands died or were maimed in plane hijackings, bus bombings, and other anti-Israel terrorist activities?

All I want to do is to help the public to be healthier and happier. 

My friends and neighbors have similarly benign agendas. But we have to worry about dodging bullets, Molotov cocktails and other dangers as we move about the country and mind our own business or try to help someone else with theirs.

This Israeli is focused on your well-being. 

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