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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Healing Laughter and One HAPPY Recipe!


19 Kislev, 5779

Nobody can guarantee that you'll heal physically. but it's a widely known wisdom that laughter promotes emotional healing. Anger, despair, jealousy, sadness, name the mood and mentality. Laughter often eases inner and outer pain.

One of my friends is going through a very difficult time. I shared with him my "Never fails for me!" solution to leaving negativity behind. It's a 3-part comedy video series, the 2000-Year Old Man by Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.

Be sure to watch all 3 videos. They might leave you smiling, too.

Hanuka is almost here and some people wish they knew 
how to make the jelly donuts so popular at this time. 

Here's a simple recipe that's so much fun
that you can share it with children!
Let them do the mixing and mooshing 
as you, the adult in charge, 
do the more dangerous frying.

2 1/4 TSP yeast
3 TBL Sugar
1 TBL Brandy
1  lemon's worth of zest
1 1/2 TBL Oil
1 egg
1 cup warm water
3 CUPS flour

Moosh-mix in a sealed plastic bag, immerse in VERY warm water 1 hour

Roll out dough on floured board
Cut out donuts with a glass

Let batter rise under a fabric kitchen towel for 30 minutes!

Fry in about 2 inches of oil 1 minute per side

Remove donuts, rest them on a paper-towel covered plate atop the counter. The paper will absorb excess oil.


Powder the donuts and serve.

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