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Sunday, November 11, 2018

Tailoring Treatment for Glioblastoma


3 Kislev, 5779

Glioblastoma Multiforme aka GBM, is a diagnosis with very serious implications. Patients worldwide can join their medical teams in looking toward Israel for the cure:

Hebrew U Researchers Discover Promising Treatment Against Aggressive Brain Tumors

Glioblastoma is a serious and incurable brain cancer. Patients receiving this diagnosis typically have 11-20 months to live. One of the main difficulties in treating this cancer is that its cells quickly build up a resistance to chemotherapy.
In the upcoming issue of Nucleic Acids Research (Modulation of MKNK2 alternative splicing by splice-switching oligonucleotides as a novel approach for glioblastoma treatment), Professor Rotem Karni and his team at Hebrew University’s Institute for Medical Research-Israel Canada (IMRIC) share promising results for a new glioblastoma treatment with the potential to improve and extend patients’ lives.

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