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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Breaking Medical News in the Middle East. Good Medical News!

9 Cheshvan 5768

Want to get your brain in gear? Put it in peak condition? Read on:

Sip Some Green Tea, Repair Brain Cells

Here’s more good news, especially for people with Multiple Sclerosis:

Israeli Scientists En Route to Personalized MS Medicine


According to an October 2007 Zogby Poll on MSN: Most Americans pay attention to health study results

Here’s a snippet about relevant findings:

“The vast majority of Americans - especially older adults - say they are paying attention to the results of health studies, a new MSN-Zogby poll shows. Overall, 21% say they pay a great deal of attention to the results of health studies, while 62% pay some attention and 16% pay little attention - just 2% say they pay no attention at all.”


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