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Monday, January 14, 2008

Balance Your Inner and Outer Lives plus... BIG Drug Warning!

7 Shvat 5768

It's not how much or how little you have that makes you great or small, but how much or how little you are with what you have.
— Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch

You know that this blog is all about doing the most you can with your remaining abilities and steadily improving attitude. Your behavior is the only thing under your control.

Here's a nifty news item about how to improve your chances for avoiding bone-breaking accidents:

Too bad the above advice had no relationship to the incident that felled me a few weeks ago.

On a related topic, here are some updates about Optalgin, a drug presently prescribed around the world, though it has been banned in the USA and in Europe. Following my misguided doctor's advice, I took it after breaking my arm and then suffered breathing and awareness problems.

Optalgin is routinely prescribed to new Israeli mothers and other patients in severe pain. It can kill without warning. Optalgin can cause immediate death by obstructing breathing without warning. It causes dangerous changes (dyscrasias) in the blood and can seriously damage cognitive abilities. I dumped my remaining supply of the painkiller as soon as everyone around me realized that my breathing ability and mental abilities were seriously sliding downward after only two days of use. Educate yourself on the Internet at:

אופטלגין - OPTALGIN

BioPortfolio News : NAFDAC Bans Drugs Containing Novalgin, Analgin

Caplets Tablets

and elsewhere.

My Israeli pharmacist Arthur Jacobs permits me to quote him saying, “Israel’s health ministry should supply blank complaint forms to all pharmacies dispensing this widely recognized and problematic morphine derivative. People who’ve suffered from Optalgin should be enabled to inform our health ministry of its dangers!”

Here's a tip from my 10 Tevet/Dec. 19 post in which you learn how to share your thoughts with the Israeli Health Ministry without a form: Send your politely phrased thoughts to public.sal @ (remove the spaces on either side of the @ symbol after you copy & paste the info into your E-mail system).


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