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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Be Good to Yourself

10 Shvat 5768

I've been reflecting on recent posts to my blog. My guess is that some readers could find them a bit harsh, the goals too high or too hard to reach.

I want to reassure you that I experience times when I weep in pain, frustration or sadness. I'm not made of steel nor do I expect anyone to behave as if they're made of unfeeling metal.

What my book, blog and personal interactions are about is this: overcoming setbacks.

Perfection is not realistic. Humanity cries, suffers, and hopes for compassion, help and friendship. Humanity enjoys love, joy, insight and honesty blended with mercy.

Do someting that makes your heart grin as much as this cute photo does:

Indulge in something you enjoy. Snacks, music, art, people, something that builds up and strengthens your sense of self. Bless yourself with the healing power of pleasure.


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