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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lower Your Pain in One Step with a Personal Pain-o-Meter!

24 Shvat 5768

My recovery from a severely broken arm (doctors had to install a permanent metal brace under the skin, along my bones, in order to save the arm) has been challenging, to put it politely. I've wept from awful, awful pain that major painkillers (including morphine) hardly affected. But I learned to cope with the agony by reducing it at will. Now I'm ready to share that technique wth you.

Want relief from the physical pain of your medical condition? Try this nifty trick.

Turn down the dial on your Personal Pain-o-Meter, a terrific technique that friend/Life Coach Ben Goldfarb taught me. Pain that does not serve a function is pain we can banish at will.

Go on. Study the dial in your mind. Say the level of your pain out loud e.g., "I have a gazillion watts of pain!!!!" or "On a scale from one to ten, ten being the worst level of pain, I have a pain level of... (fill in the blank with a number from 1-10)", then say out loud, "I can lower my pain. I'm lowering it to (name the ever-lower wattage)..."

Then do it. Imagine the arrow on your Personal Pain-o-Meter dialing downward. Push it down with your mind. Choose to reduce your pain. Aim for less than half your present pain level.

Go on, try again until you make progress. Yes, I know it's difficult. I do this exercise, too. My physical therapy workouts are not pleasant. C'mon. Try it again.

You can set aside time as often as needed to work at aiming that arrow increasingly down. You'll know you've succeeded when you realize that your discomfort feels significantly less than it felt earlier. Keep spinning that arrow down until your pain is as low as possible.

Ta-daaa, this is your one-step solution for pain reduction:


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ONE MORE IMPORTANT ITEM FOR TODAY'S POST: my publisher Angela Hoy has a friend in critical need of recovery from severe medical setbacks. Please join me in praying for the welfare of "G." and gosh, for all the folks who need to be well.

To your good health,

Yocheved Golani
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