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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cure a Brain Tumor! Prevent Falls. Cope with Metabolic Syndrome and...

29 Shvat 5768

Today's post is a potpourri of upbeat medical news. Click and enjoy the links below:

Need a Kidney Transplant? Want to Donate a Kidney and Save Someon's Life?

Get Financial, Housing, Transportation, and Other Help to Receive a Kidney

DIURETICS MOST EFFECTIVE BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION FOR PEOPLE WITH METABOLIC SYNDROME - Evidence Strongly Supports Diuretics as Initial Therapy, Especially in Black Patients

Don’t Tell Prominent Duke Doctor that Cancer Can’t Be Cured

Coping with Cognitive Deficits after Brain Surgery

How Brain Tumors Are Treated

On Fitness: Exercise to Prevent Falls

Integrating Age-old and Western Medicine for Patient Success

Can PHRs Actually Make You Healthier?

Skip the Tissues and Runny Nose. You Might SHAKE That Common Cold Virus to Death in the Foreseeable Future!


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Anonymous said...

I found your book by accident. Yocheved, it can literally save lives! So much information in one place! So much compassion!

Give it to doctors!!!

Lori Sussman, N.J., USA

Yocheved Golani said...

Thank you for your compliment, Lori. I hope that my readers will share my book with their doctors, or present medical offices with copies for the staff.

Best, Yoji