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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Stem Cells Cause Brain Tumors?!?

16 Adar Alef 5768

Sorry about the "late in the day" posts that occurred this week. Israel went through some unusually wintery weather that slowed down the whole country for a few days. Plus, my physical and occupational therapy regimen ramped up speed and frequency this week. The good news, though, is that my healing is speeding up. I'm gaining flexibility and strength in the affected arm and hand. But WHEW it takes lots of effort on my part!

I fantasize about benefiting from the "Bone Knitter" device on Star Trek's spaceships.
Remember when battle-scarred Trekkers entered Sick Bay and pointed to their busted bones? The doctors would place the patient under a "Bone Knitter," and within minutes the happy man or woman would pop out, heading back to work without suffering further pain or problems. sigh... No such luck in my case... I have to work hard with various devices to stretch my muscles into proper form, bear the pain and then squish something like a paper cup to show therapists that I can smash things with my closed, recovering fist.

Well, leaving fantasy behind, let's think about real life and stem cells for a bit. Fairly recent evidence seems to prove that stem cells might cause brain tumors.

Cancer Stem Cells May Be At The Root Of Brain Tumors and Unraveling Brain Tumors.

Neuroscientists and the folks at often speculate about the causes of benign tumors such as meningiomas. Could be we're on the verge of finding out the cause and the cure, plus the prevention method regarding many form of brain and other tumors. Stay tuned to the news. And pray with me as we head to a better future.

Who knows? Maybe one day doctors will figure out how to make stem cells cure bone fractures! Maybe my dream will come true...

And now, back to real life.

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