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Monday, February 25, 2008

HIGH DRAMA with a Happy Ending

19 Adar Alef 5768

Gosh, I'd only recently hinted to you about some health issues with which I struggle and might soon reveal. Then by golly I starred in a highly dramatic emergency room scene this very morning.

In brief, the orthopedic surgeon for my broken arm had examined me and my new X-rays last week. He warned me that a dangerous accumulation of scar tissue in my arm threatened my future ability to use my arm. He prescribed aggressive physical and occupational therapy and begged me to "break" the scar tissue with physical effort, to secure a better future for my health and my arm: a "quality of life" I desperately wanted. If I were to fail to destroy the scar tissue, he warned, I'd need more surgery within 6 weeks and placement of my affected arm in a monster of a very painful brace that would prevent the formation of new scar tissue.

Well, I followed my doctor's orders as if Moses had come down the mountain with a new set of rules! And I asked loved ones to pray for me.

Then a miracle happened: my arm's flexibility improved by 12 degrees within the week.

HOWEVER: I've been experiencing complications during and after last week's miraculous improvement: swelling, severe pain, fingers turning blueish, pain meds not working and sheer sleepless misery. Things became so awful that my regular doctor sent me to the hospital by ambulance this morning. I prayed like you can't imagine for Heavenly rescue. My parting words to worried friends were that The One Above was supervising the drama and I trust GOD with every cell of my body and soul. I chose to go with the flow.

OKAY, TAKE A DEEEEEP BREATH and read on to learn what we discovered in the hospital!

I'm smiling as I type and so are my doctors! This morning's emergency room visit, X-rays included, proved that my healing is farther along than any of us had suspected. No sign of infection, no problem with metal plates/screws holding my bones together, no sign of failure to heal.

So why had I suffered such painful agony? D-uhhh....

The problem was caused by overly aggressive physical therapy, or rather, a patient extremely eager to prove how hard-working she can be. I've been doing the physical and occupational therapy routines at home to promote more recovery and flexibility of my affected arm/hand. The orthopedist in the emergency room smiled when he said, "You're trying too hard to get better. This fracture is more healed than broken. I realize that you needed to break up the scar tissue, and you apparently succeeded. Tone down the workouts and you won't suffer the consequences you've been experiencing. Gee you're strong!"

He assured me that the scar tissue does not appear in this week's picture and that it sure was clear for all to see in last week's photo shoot. It seems to have disappeared after the scarefest my surgeon and I experienced last week. Remember that I'd asked for prayers on my behalf?

WHOA! The One Above can work fast!

I'm supposed to nap now, and then take life on with a wider smile hereafter. And don't even dream of a fistfight with me. I can whup your fightin' form in a blink ;^ )

Hodu l'Hashem ki tov, ki l'olam chasdo! (I thank GOD ALMIGHTY for the enduring kindness bestowed upon me).

To wrap up the made-for-Hollywood scene, here's a direct quote from Shoshanna Harrari, my organic foods/lifestyle coach who's been supervising my post-surgical recovery since that 2005 brain surgery I had:

"Hey Yocheved,

That is wonderful news!!!! And my thoughts exactly, you were just pushing too hard. Good that your 'prescription' is to let up a little on your rigorous schedule.

But you succeeded ( once again!) to break through all barriers. This must be why these things continue to happen to you, to show other people that, yes, it can be done. That no situation is too grim or hopeless. With the right treatment, the right information and the right motivation, with prayers from friends and strangers, and especially Hashem's (GOD's) rachmanus (compassion) and blessing.

And how could He not bless you Yocheved? His holy daughter who tries harder than anyone on earth to gain the path to right all the wrongs and be a healthy person... who could resist you??

Anyway, good news, more good words for your blog and for all the people who love you, care about you and pray for you, and for those also on the edge of despair with their own problems to see that....

Yes, all is possible, b'ezrat Hashem (with GOD's help). You are the example of the possibility of the impossible...

Love to you, Shoshanna"



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