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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Painbusters! Doctor's Orders that Work!

30 Shvat 5768

Here’s some potentially helpful information for anyone healing from a bone fracture as I am, or for anyone interested in protecting their bone health.

Though my physical therapy sessions hurt quite a bit, I stopped taking narcotic painkillers a while ago, fearful of addiction problems from prolonged use.

I’m minimizing what could become mega-wattage pain by:

1. Using my Personal Pain-o-Meter (see my January 31 2008/Shvat 24 5768 post)

2. Listening to soothing music

3. Sitting in cheer-me-up sunshine (it provides Vitamin D for strong teeth and bones)

4. Basing part of my grocery list on advice from Dr. Neal Barnard’s Foods That Fight Pain book. I bought it several years ago after interviewing Dr. Barnard about his innovative health-promoting techniques (I’m still a health writer/journalist for hire, folks).

Shop as I do and you just might feel better after buying from the organic green-grocer and health food store:

Almonds and Raisins (really!)
Beans (soak them for a day, changing water 2-3 times before cooking so you won’t develop belly bloat)
Capsaicin Cream (natural remedy made of – get this – chili pepper extracts!)
Fresh and powdered Ginger Root
Fresh Figs and/or Fig Jelly
Sweet Potatoes
Vitamin B6 (50-150 mg)
Vitamin E 400 IU

Some old standbys are also helping me:

  • Arnica Montana (natural remedy that resembles tiny white pills)
  • Cuprum Metalllicum (natural remedy that also resembles tiny white pills)
  • Rescue Remedy Creme
  • Rescue Bach Remedy Drops
  • Any bar of soap at all.

I have no idea why this works, but after I place a bar of soap under a sweatshirt sleeve, under bed sheets, or upon some other area of sore muscles, the pain reduces noticeably. It's an folk remedy I've relied on since I ran track in high school or danced too hard at some joyous occasion.

Here are some sites that Dr. Barnard’s office recommends (I do, too): , ,

and for more information about the role of nutrition in a variety of diseases and conditions, visit

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