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Thursday, June 5, 2008

How My Book Helps People

2 Sivan

Whew, I'm catching up on my blogging late in the day. I encountered some complicated traffic jams to/from Jerusalem today. The delays messed up my daylong schedule. It's road repair and road-building season here. Lots of cops were out giving tickets for some reason or another, slowing traffic even more. So, here we go with today's tardy post:

I habitually carry copies of my book in a see-through carry-case wherever I go. A woman from England spotted me during my hectic day, and called out from the masses of humanity all around me.

"Are you the author of the book you're holding? You ARE?" she exclaimed. "I must tell you how it helped me and several other people."

She related how she'd heard of my book through other people who'd read it. Then she described a daughter residing abroad and living with a terrible back problem. Surgery was just this past week. But convincing the daughter to face surgery and then to make recovery progress afterward was a tall order, the mother told me.

"She'd given me a list of things to be done while she was in hospital. None of it was related to her well-being! I was so upset. She's been negative all along about her deteriorated health. Well, I focused on accomplishing her errands, one of which was to exchange books at a reader's co-op. I took her books there and noticed that one was by a man who had ruled GOD out of his life when he'd been faced with hardship after hardship.
I saw that my daughter was reading negative materials and I simply could not get any sense into her head. I didn't know what to say to her. It all left me wondering, 'What is the purpose of life? Why does GOD give it to us? What ARE our problems for?' As I returned the books, I chatted with the woman in charge of the reading co-op. She raised questions similar to mine as we spoke. Then we corresponded a bit by postal service."

In short order, the troubled mother bought two copies of my book after remembering the "It's inspirational!" praise she'd heard about it. She read one and soon sent the other to her child.

Mom spoke with me for a long time about sundry issues in her life and quoted passages she'd memorized from It's My Crisis! and I'll Cry if I Need To. Our conversation veered from medical problems to family difficulties and SUDOKU to transit schedules. Then she returned to our first topic of conversation: how my book had helped several people she knows.

"I found the answer to my questions in your book! I know why GOD gives us life and hardships! You described a problem as an opportunity to gain new strengths. And you told me that GOD gives us our lives so we can improve on our spiritual strengths and become more spiritually developed no matter what religion we keep. My daughter and I have been discussing those ideas quite civilly. She eventually read your book. I believe she's becoming more positive. Her husband and children are also calming down. Why, I wrote to the author of that negative book and told him to read yours so he can feel happier! He wrote back to me that he intends to! And now that we've chatted, I'm going to write to the woman at the book exchange office and advise her to read it, too!"

That conversationsal exchange was an interesting highlight to my day. Let me hear from you and how you or someone you care about benefited from It's My Crisis! and I'll Cry if I Need To.

And be sure to let me know if the enlarged fonts I used earlier this week were helpful to you. Some readers have let me know that their vision problems prompted them to ask for bigger fonts.

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
Coping with a Medical Crisis?
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