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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another Reader Inspired by My Writings and My Advice to Adopt a Purposely Positive Point of View!

9 Sivan 5768

How much impact can my book and/or blog have on someone's life? Check out this just-arrived message from a reader (name omitted for privacy protection) using one of my nicknames:

"Hi Yo-yo,

I did a little research on Cranio Sacral Therapy at your suggestion and found two places in my area that perform this. I realize it is a several month commitment, and then they adjust to your needs. I have felt a bit "stuck" these past few years, and I really like that there is a mind, body, spirit component. It sounds to me like a win-win situation, either way! Something I could really benefit from.

Now, here is why I felt a need to write to you as someone who has tried this and really knows the benefit of having CST. As I mentioned in my earlier post, I need to have surgery again after 8 years. The thing I keep hearing from my old NS, and now my new NS is that there is concern of scar tissue, and the hard "eraser like quality" that my tumor had. My old NS doubts there would be a change in the consistency of the tumor. And my new NS said he thinks if there are any problems it would be from the hardening of the scar tissue and of course, as I already know the hardness of the original tumor. So, here is my question to you. If you had several months to detox your body, and incorporated CS Therapy before having your surgery, do you think it could help create the fluid it needs to release some of that bulid-up, hard, plaque like substance that could potentially make this tricky surgery even more risky? Something is telling me it could. But, I don't know enough about this first hand to make that judgment. I know you can't tell me what to do, but perhaps you have some insight or knowledge you can share that could guide me on this amazing journey I am now on.

Monday, I met w/ Dr. ____, who is in _____, and ... he is proposing two surgeries. One endoscopic, and then an eyebrow craniotomy to get to the upper portion if need be. Oh, how I do not want to have the craniotomy again! I trust he knows what he's talking about, but in my haste to want this to get moving, I scheduled the first surgery for two weeks from now...

So, my question is, do you think it is worth having the extra time to continue the self healing I have begun and to try CS Therapy to, in a sense, help Dr. ___, so when he gets in there, I will be helping the process on another level, I would like to know if this is what you would do, knowing now what you know.

I really value your input on this Yojeved, as you are the one who opened my mind to this from thousands of miles away!

Thank you, and God Bless! ____"

Rest assured that I informed the writer of multiple and wonderful mind/spirit/body possibilities. I definitely advocated for Cranio Sacral Therapy and other self-healing techniques before and after her surgery.

One of the things I've learned, as a Self-Help Coach and as a patient, is that a PURPOSELY POSITIVE POINT OF VIEW can promote healing far into the future and far beyond the Western Medical World's usual expectations. Look at the recent photo of me standing in a garden months after doctors expected to amputate my badly broken arm following a devastating accident (my fracture was further complicated by the short-lived development of RSD/CRPS) and years after I was expected to go permanently blind. I use both pain-free hands/arms and I see exactly what I'm doing every day.

Not a bad result for Positive Thinking and Behaving, hmmm?

Readers, here's My Advice to YOU:
Open your body/spirit/mind to healing potential.
Watch what happens.
The intention to heal can promote healing on its own.
Let it.

Afraid you can't possibly become positive about your medical situation? FAKE IT!

Keep faking until you actually feel upbeat. Make Happiness your new habit. Re-read that letter above and read between the lines. She's going forward very consciously. YOU can, too! Buy my book and learn how. The medical and mental health therapists who praised it on the cover agree: I teach something that works!

And, uh, guess who wrote the dedication to my book? Answer: my amazed Cranio Sacral Therapist. She witnessed my remarkable progress past medical hurdles.

THIS SUNDAY IS FATHER'S DAY! Buy Dad, Grandpa, or any guy you know in a medical crisis a copy of my book. Remember the important men in your life with a gift that could become important to them ;^ )

To your good health,

Yojeved Golani
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Mind Body Shop said...

My ideal relaxation is working on upholstry. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it's like therapy.

Yojeved Golani said...

You're on to the solution! Being absorbed in activity that frees your mind from stress AND produces good results (good-looking furniture) leads to even better things. You end up smiling, proud of your efforts, and happy. Your brain kicks out endorphins and your whole body benefits from the boost. Way to go! Thanks for writing to me and sharing with my readers. Yoji