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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

He's Gonna Wash those Drugs Right Outta Your Hair...

8 Sivan 5768

Ever heard the song "I'm Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My Hair" from the show South Pacific? Sounds easy despite the heartache implied in the song's title. What if getting off drugs could be that easy?

Drug addiction is more than a medical crisis. A mental-emotional and physical nightmare, it includes social diseases (some of them deadly), financial crashes and ruined relationships. That's just part of the awful picture.

Malnutrition, caused by drug-affected sphincters that remain too tight at the entrance and at the end of the digestive system, is another serious concern.
Food moves s-l-o-w-l-y in an addict's digestive tract. Addicts don't use the toilet much because food is not passing out of them in normal fashion (or at all). Addicts also tend not to feel hunger sensations with their artificially full bellies. They thus fail to seek out and to eat nourishing food, becoming thin and undernourished. Not a good situation for ending the addiction or for getting a life back on track!

Standard and unconventional detoxification methods have had limited success in helping opiate addicts to end their addictions. Addicts sometimes go off drugs for a while, then start using them again. The problem is not mere willpower or the lack of it, it's a neurological response to the addictive substances: It basically hijacks the drug user's personality. They live for more drugs, nothing else.

Now for the GOOD news.

Israeli surgeon
Dr. Andre Waismann developed a new method for ending drug addiction. It's almost as simple as hair-washing, which I mentioned above. Waismann (his nickname is "Dr. Wash") uses a medical cocktail to end the neurological feedback loop that causes drug cravings. He also prevents excruciating withdrawal symptoms by using general anesthesia before administering the cure. Some people call this approach "Rapid Opiate Detoxification" or "Accelerated Neuroregulation (ANR)."

Accelerated Neuroregulation and learn a bit more about this interesting medical treatment.

Time will tell us how effective ANR can be. Meanwhile, share the news with anyone who might need it. Perhaps it will help them to return to a productive life. And maybe it can
save a drug-addicted child.

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