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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Easily ENLARGE Text in Explorer/Firefox/Chrome


12 Shvat 5771

I sympathize with readers who struggle to read online text. I can only struggle online for 20-30 minutes at a time, then I MUST rest my eyes due to increasing dizziness.

I'm delighted to share a tip for improving our online comfort. Here's a tip from a PC technician friend of mine, Reuven Gratz:

Text too small in Internet Explorer
or Firefox/Chrome?
Here's a quick and easy way to
Enlarge it to any size you want.

Method 1:
Open up your Web browser.
Hold down the Ctrl Button (Bottom Left on the keyboard)

Scroll up with the mouse wheel until the text reaches the size you like.
To make the text smaller hold down the Ctrl and scroll down with the mouse wheel.
To reset the text size press the Ctrl and 0 keys together.

Method 2:
Open up your Web browser.
Hold down the Ctrl Button and press the + key to enlarge the text until you reach the best size.

To make the text smaller press the Ctrl and the - Key together.
To reset the text size Press the Ctrl and 0 keys together.

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