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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vacation Sensation


15 Elul 5771

I'm back from a retreat up north. I'm speechless from the intense joy, comfort, spirituality, natural and man-made beauty of Rosh Pina, the workshops, plus new connections and revealed older connections of the participants from all over the country. Utterly, deeply fascinating, fun, mesmerizing and mystical as participants with different worldviews bonded with each other. It was NOT the mere vacation experience I'd expected. This was indescribable. Just the raw natural beauty around us was very emotionally and physically healing to retreat participants.

Much of the retreat was focused on emotional, spiritual and physical health. Brisk book sales put smiles on the faces of my readers as EMPOWER Yourself addresses all those issues, and then some. Retreat participants spoke with me privately of their physical and emotional diagnoses and how they've been inspired by my personal story to surpass them. They appreciate the book's message that "There is no One-Size-Fits-All" solution to multiple medical problems. The text helps you to take your challenges one doable step at a time, and illustrates the variety of methods for solving different problems. We are not locked in to one way of doing things. Miracles abound in the world. We have the power of making choices and inviting The One Above to let some miracles happen with us.

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