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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nifty News about a "Passionate" Writer!


29 Elul 5771

 I'm interrupting this pre-holiday break to share some praise with you. No, not about the luscious aroma of another loaf of freshly baked bread I'm baking, but about my professionalism as a writer. I work in journalism and provide different writing services for various clients. Here's what a colleague says about my efforts on a recent joint project we both found quite difficult:

"Yocheved has a remarkable spirit
and an even greater heart.
Her writing reflects her
deepest passions and sensitivities,
expressed in a style that is
wholly unique." Gavriel Horan

Gosh, if he thinks that much of my work under less than desirable conditions, guess what YOU will think of this labor of love that lowers your stress and reduces your medical costs

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