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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

An Interesting Compliment and a Wonderful Cause


21 Elul 5771

 I've been busy with writing assignments, personal life and preparing for the High Holiday season. Outta the blue, I saw this message on my monitor:

"Your book looks good, practical,
and resourceful. I'll make sure
to share this info around.
Shana Tova, Moshe"

The writer is:
Moshe Ross (phone 310.362.7037)
Private Redemption Foundation
Keren Kayemet #13/6, Jerusalem 92428, Israel
8950 W Olympic Blvd. #479, Beverly Hills, California 90211 (tax ID #54-2195251)

He works with an charitable organization that does remarkable things for desperate people:

[Volunteer Opp] A US 100% tax-deductible High Holidays donation opportunity exists with a non-profit operating in Jerusalem that provides help to broken and desperate Jewish women, motivated and capable, that have experienced sudden catastrophe in their life and are right now struggling to meet fundamental needs. Among them are women and children that recently lost their husband and father, young women who have become ill, and elderly and orphans that are living in the deepest despair.

Your heartfelt generosity will make it possible for them to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, knowing they can stay securely in their homes with food on their tables and with the most basic household necessities.

Private Redemption Foundation provides emergency assistance plus long-term solutions, including holiday meals, rent subsidies, basic needs, jobs, financial planning & more.

Please donate online at or mail your US 100% tax-deductible check to Private Redemption Foundation (US Tax ID #54-2195251), Keren Kayemet #13/6, Jerusalem, or 8950 W Olympic Blvd. #479, Beverly Hills, CA, 90211.

Volunteers can also help to make a real difference in helping to turn lives around by contributing their skills, talents or time.

Share this with everyone you know: Facebook, Linked-in, email, phone, SMS...did I leave anyone out? For more information, endorsements, testimonials and 1-minute movies please visit

Thank you and best wishes for a good, sweet New Year.

Moshe Ross
Los Angeles to Jerusalem 2010

WHY is he so interested in the book? Because the soothing text provides coping skills for distressed readers, and lots of information about how to lower your medical expenses.

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