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Friday, October 21, 2011

Healing and Coping with a Giggle


23 Tishrei 5772

It's been an exiting start to the new Jewish year! Here's a photo of me in Shilo, the site of the ancient tabernacle (Mishkan in Hebrew) this past week.

Friends and I enjoyed lovely holiday times, company and meals. Here and there someone wept to me about the sadness of a diagnosis or life situation, asking how to cope with life's harsher side. Among other things, I gently explained the wisdom of seeking out pleasure, promoting pleasure and nurturing that Inner Giggle all of us. We yearn to laugh, to be free of worry and fear. By taking on life with a sense of humor, we let ourselves relax, grow courageous, insightful and stronger. Those are coping skills!

Click on this sample of what I mean: The world's first-ever senior citizen LipDub! Residents from Clark Retirement Community in Grand Rapids, Michigan teamed up with Grand Valley State University Film & Video Production students, alumni, and professors to create this sassy video to the jazzy 1965 hit song ‘Feeling Good’ by Michael BublĂ©. (Hat tip for the video to my good friend Jesica Myers)

Learn how to nurture YOUR Inner Giggle when you read EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge.

Let me know if YOU make a fun video that brings smiles to many faces!

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